What do winning products have in common?

They solve a critical customer problem in a way that makes people want - even love - to use them.

We believe the best way to create successful products and experiences is to find out what customers want and need, and use that knowledge as the foundation for design. Our targeted research and effective design iteration helps you create web and software solutions that deliver just what your customers are looking for.

Welker Consulting provides the full range of services needed to define and design innovative, effective web and software applications:

  1. »Qualitative user research

  2. »Opportunity analysis and customer characterization

  3. »Requirements definition, solution design and design strategy

  4. »Interaction design

  5. »Visual design (in conjunction with partners)

  6. »End-to-end experience design

Our goal is to provide the right combination of research, product definition, and design services to help your team create solutions that will delight your customers and contribute to your market success.


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Welker Consulting helps you create innovative products and end-to-end experiences based on a clear understanding of your customers’ needs.