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Kate Welker, Ph.D.

Kate Welker, Ph.D.

A practitioner in qualitative customer research, product definition, and user experience design for over 20 years, Kate Welker specializes in collecting, analyzing and representing customer and market needs to drive the definition of products and lay the foundation for their design. She has led design initiatives focusing on product interaction as well as ones focusing more broadly on designing and implementing “end-to-end” experiences that span initial marketing and sales through use to assistance and support.

Prior to forming Welker Consulting, Kate held several roles at Intuit Inc., a software company focused on finance and small business applications, and before that was Vice President, Interaction Design at Fitch Inc., a multidisciplinary design consultancy.

In her more than six years at Intuit, Kate focused on user experience research and design, new product innovation, and total customer experience design. She spent several years as business manager for PortfolioMinder, a newly developed Intuit offering aimed at helping financial advisors manage client investments. Her other roles included User Experience Architect for Quicken and the New Ventures Group, Process Excellence Partner for Small Business Innovation, and Total Customer Experience Architect for the Small Business Division.

Before joining Intuit, Kate spent 15 years at Fitch, Inc. where she worked as a team leader, project manager, researcher, and interaction designer. She led a variety of research and interaction design projects, ranging from software and web applications to interfaces for physical products and mobile devices. Her clients included established companies such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Harman Kardon and Intuit as well as many start-up companies.

Kate holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from The Ohio State University. Her dissertation, Plans in the Common Ground: Toward a Generative Account of Conversational Implicature, integrated work in theoretical semantics, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, and artificial intelligence. Other published works include “Design Scenarios,” with Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders, Ph.D. and James S Couch, and “Meaning,” with John Rheinfrank.